Mobicase ’09

Workshop on Innovative Mobile User Interactivity, San Diego, USA, October 26-29, 2009.   Designing mobility: pervasiveness as the enchanting tool of mobility, Annie Gentes, Camille Jutant, Aude Guyot, Michel Simatic.   Abstract:  PLUG – Play Ubiquitous Games -, is a research project that deployed a fully distributed RFID architecture in the Museum of Arts and… Poursuivre la lecture Mobicase ’09

Communications et Strategies – Pervasive Gaming

Communications et strategies – N°73 “New challenges for the video game industry”, 1st quarter 2009.    Pervasive Gaming: Testing Future Context Aware Applications,  Annie Gentes, Camille Jutant.   Abstract: More and more technical research projects take place that weave together elements of real and virtual life to provide a new experience defined as pervasive. They bank on the… Poursuivre la lecture Communications et Strategies – Pervasive Gaming


Mindtrek ’08 – International Digital Media and Business Conference, October 7-9, 2008, Tampere, Finland.    Gaming on the Move: Urban Experience as a New Paradigm for Mobile Pervasive Game Design, Annie Gentès, Aude Guyot-Mbodji, Isabelle Demeure.   Abstract: In this paper, we describe a pervasive treasure hunting game:“Team exploration” based on the Transhumance ad hoc wifi platform. The… Poursuivre la lecture Mindtrek’08