ANR PROJECT // 2006-2008 / TELECOM ParisTech / Thalès / Orange / 3IE The Transhumance project was to explore ad hoc wifi potentials. We worked on a specific game design for MANET : Team Exploration.


Mathilde Maitre’s essay Dir. Annie Gentes ENSCI, 2009 >> Cadre

Mobicase ’09

Workshop on Innovative Mobile User Interactivity, San Diego, USA, October 26-29, 2009.   Designing mobility: pervasiveness as the enchanting tool of mobility, Annie Gentes, Camille Jutant, Aude Guyot, Michel Simatic.   Abstract:  PLUG – Play Ubiquitous Games -, is a research project that deployed a fully distributed RFID architecture in the Museum of Arts and […]

Springer – Gaming on the Move

>> Gaming on the move: Urban Experience as a New Paradigm for Mobile Pervasive Game Design Annie Gentes, Aude Guyot-Mbodji, Isabelle Demeure Abstract: In this paper, we describe a pervasive treasure hunting game: “Team exploration” based on the Transhumance mobile ad-hoc network platform. The testers of this game came up with innovative suggestions that combined […]

IADIS’08 – RFID Technology: Fostering Human Interactions

Multi conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, Algarve, Portugal, June 17 – 23,2009.  RFID Technology: Fostering Human Interactions, Annie Gentes, Camille Jutant, Aude Guyot, Michel Simatic.   Abstract: This paper presents a specific application of the RFID technology: the game “Plug – Secrets of the Museum” (PSM). It takes place in the museum of Arts […]

Phd Ubimédia – Problématique de l’apprentissage dans le design des TIC

Thèse de Lalao Rakotoniaina sous la direction d’Annie Gentès La prolifération des outils de communication dans un contexte d’innovation permanente ne permet pas aux technologies de l’information et de la communication d’acquérir une identité qui ancre les objets communicants dans une pratique stabilisée. La question posée au designer est donc de réfléchir aux modalités d’apprentissage des […]


EUROPEAN PROJECT // 2006-2008 / TELECOM ParisTech / Thalès  Popeye is an european project about ad hoc wifi.  

Vidéo in Disguise

VIDI was a research program on self exposure through video and graphic communication. People from TELECOM ParisTech and ENSCI-Les Ateliers worked on this project during 2007.     “Open Display” / “Instant Video Messenger” / “Répondeur vidéo” – Grégory Lacoua, Matthew Marino, Denis Pellerin        “Chat scénarisé” – Laure Duchaussoy, Victor Fromond                            “Atome” – […]

COST ’08

COST 2102 Action ’08 – 1st International Training School, Vietri, April 2008.  Multimodal Human Machines Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Annie Gentès.   Abstract: Virtual worlds are developing rapidly over the Internet. They are visited by avatars and staffed with Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs). An avatar is a representation of a physical person. Each person controls […]


Grand Colloque STIC ANR – November 2007.