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MISBEHAVING (Uncanny ! Rogue ! Tricky ! Ludic ! & more) Disruptive processes, ludic design, […]

Misbehaving & Design Education

  In january 2015, we have been running a workshop with Master’s students (Mastère Design […]


The goal of AccessiMap research project is to improve access to maps for the visually […]

Discussing Predictive Biology

Discussing Predictive Biology est une initiative science-société qui propose des scénarios et objets prospectifs d’innovation, […]

Design as In-discipline

Epistemology of design Practitioners of design claim that they are multi- , pluri- , and/or […]


Sciences, design and society : the making of contemporary worlds The project explores how an […]

SIG Discourses in Design

SIG Discourses in Design: project Design Research Society – Special Interest group on Discourse in […]

Dog&Bone, The Empathetic Telephone

Dog&bone turns man most faithful companion into a sensitive tool of communication.

ADAM, Mobile Peer to Peer & MESH networks

ADAM –Distributed Architecture and Multiple Multimedia Services– is an ANR project (National Research Agency) led by […]

PLUG (PLay Ubiquitous Games)

PLUG (PLay Ubiquitous Games) In short The PLUG project dealt with the way pervasive computing […]

Safari Project

Projects from ENST-ENSCI-SNCF Innovative services for rail stations. 2004, digital design workshop in ENSCI. Jean-Louis […]

CityWall, an interactive communicating wall

In short The research project addresses the issue of augmented cities through interactive, public and […]


In short The Myblog 3D project was to foster mutual perception between internet users who […]


In short The Transhumance project was to explore ad hoc wifi potentials. We worked on […]


Popeye is an european project about ad hoc wifi. EUROPEAN PROJECT // 2006-2008 / TELECOM […]

Monet 2010

In short L’exposition rétrospective « Claude Monet – 1840 – 1926″ a ouvert ses portes […]


Research workshop with Renault, a french car manufacturer. The workshop aimed to identify research activities around the […]


In Short The initiative brings together 60+ researchers from both organizations set to uncover new […]

Video in Disguise

VIDI was a research program on self exposure through video and graphic communication. People from […]

Projet « Mémoires Métropolitaines »

In short This project refers to the creation of a digital platform and mobile applications […]

Regards augmentés

Forbidden Touch and New Media in Museums. The co-design lab works on a research project […]

3D Life

In the context of “3DLife”, European Network of Excellence (2010-2013), we propose to consider what […]

VUE -« Votre Université d’Entreprise » – A virtual collaborative and immersive class

Context: e-learning again? The emergence of the Internet has opened up many opportunities for distance […]