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In january 2015, we have been running a workshop with Master’s students (Mastère Design Global, Recherche & Innovation) at École de Condé, in Paris. This workshop aims at :

  1. confronting educators and students with a method based on disputing the project and its context
  2. sharing conceptual and methodological inputs emerging from our current “Misbehaving” research
  3. exploring the possibility of sharing if not teaching project methodologies based on a misbehaving attitude
  4. turning a design education context as a possible design research field

We propose students to misbehave within their current “regular” global project (the global projects are adressed by interdisciplinary teams of students in MDGRI, students are selected from the 4 major fields of design : product, space, fashion, visual communication). The tools we offer them to use are related to our current research practices : setting a conceptual frame (Tiphaine Kazi-Tani & Charles Guilemette), setting a “uncanny” narrative frame (Max Mollon), pointing out what can be “de-conditionned” (Juste Peciulyte & Frédéric Valentin) and shaping reflexive and critical artifacts (Emeline Brûlé).

Once a week during five weeks, our workshop tries to be an opportunity to adress and dispute the design project as a “dispositif” but also to explore ways of renewing and rethinking the practitioner’s attitude towards and within the project.

Link to the fanzine reviewing our workshop.