Justė Pečiulytė, Research associate

2014-09-12 16.53.20

Justė – Research associate


Justė Pečiulytė is a research affiliated to the Codesign Lab at Telecom ParisTech since 2014. Justé graduated from Université Paris 1 La Sorbonne in with a MA “Design, Media, Technology” focusing on Design and Environments.


My research concerns how practitioners in diverse disciplines modify the living environment through inventive materials, spatial devices, and installations. More precisely, I investigate the concern of contemporary design for atmospheric factors and the materials those factors interact with. For example, what does it mean for the fields of design and architecture to deal with commonly non-desirable entities like particulate matters, moisture or bisphenol A? How does this challenge the meaning of practice such as “interior design”? This has led me to research along the notion of atmosphere, notably it’s conceptual and historical usage in design production. In that respect, I explore how new media and materials might help us read and apprehend our surroundings, thus shaping perceptible and heterogeneous spatial experiences.

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