Michael, PhD Alumni


Michael Bourgatte | Research Engineer | PostDoc Position

Digital Humanities & Visual Studies

Research Topic:

Audiovisual, Audiences, Digital Movies, Film & Video Technology, Uses, Video Annotation


I am research engineer in a PostDoc position since Sept. 2010. I worked for 3 years at Télécom ParisTech. Since Oct. 2013 I joigned the research team of the Centre Edouard Branly – Catholic University of Paris. My research focuses on recent developments that are supporting the increasing flow of videos in the digital field, particularly on Internet. I also study the use of digital technologies in the audiovisual field (annotation, mashup film, remix). I was especially involved in 3 research projects: Cinecast, Cinegift & THD.

From 2004 to 2009, I worked on Art Houses’ audiences and on the concept of value in the cultural field at the University of Avignon.

I published several papers on fields of Digital Humanities (L’écran-outil et le film-objet. MEI, 34, 2012), Visual Studies (Plaisir et manipulation d’images. Projections, 35, 2014) and Reception Studies (Looking for Non-Public. PUQ, 2012. Book prefaced by Elihu Katz and Daniel Dayan) and . I also edited a book named “Le cinéma à l’heure du numérique. Pratiques et publics” (Digital Cinema. Practices & Audiences) in 2012.

Contact & External Links:


Celluloid | Research Blog

michaelbourgatt | Twitter


Mashups Collection on Youtube

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