(Publication) Designing empathy : the role of a “control room” in an e-learning environment

Gentes, A., Cambone, M. (2013). Designing empathy : the role of a “control room” in an e-learning environment. in Interactive Technology and Smart Education (IADIS) e-learning conference.


The article focuses on the challenge of designing an interface for a virtual class where being represented together contributes to the learning process, and explore the possibility of virtual empathy. Empathy is the cognitive ability that a person uses to project him/herself to share another person’s viewpoint. How can we recreate this feeling of empathy through a delicate staging of location and interactions? First, how to organize the feeling of togetherness in a 3D environment without creating a feeling of distraction? How to see each other and the professor and her/his slides at the same time? How do we combine a wide shot of the scene with a close-up of the professor? How do we combine a general bird eye view of the class and its activities with a focus on a student asking a question? How can we see students from behind and from the front at the same time? How do organize the dialog between a professor and a student?
Keywords : Design, empathy, semiotics, e-learning
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