(Publication) Translation as interlinguistic mediation and creation of human interactions

Gentes, A. (2010). Translation as interlinguistic mediation and creation of human interactions. in Journal of Human Mediated Interactions, Vol.10, n°1, Sylvie Leleu-Merviel, Khaldoun Zreik (ed.).
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In human interactions, translation stands apart both as a specific work on language but also as a reflexive situation of communication. Traductology studies not only languages and interlinguistic uses, but also questions the translating process as a mediation. In this article we want to analyze what translation does to the speakers, the nature and legitimacy of their interaction, the materiality of their exchanges. We also want to put forward the hypothesis that translation as a specific epistemological position brings a new light to language games, body and writing as specific spaces of creation. Translation is therefore analyzed here in terms of linguistic, political and poetic practice that directly concerns information and communication research.